Icon_1Site Consultation & Analysis

Navigating the complexities of zoning and building codes can be daunting. We offer an affordable consultation service that includes a site visit and an analysis of your lot's potential for further development.

Icon_2 Building & Interior Design

From rennovations to brand new buildings, we customize each project to meet our clients' needs. We provide multiple design options and rendered visuals of what the designs will look like in real life.

Icon_3 3D Installation Design

Our firm enjoys pushing conventional boundaries to find affordable and creative ways of enhancing the built environment and we don't just mean of buildings! We will consider taking on projects of any scale.


Icon_1 Construction Document Services

Neccessary to bring our designs to life, our firm provides Construction Document services for permitting and construction purposes.

Icon_2 Permitting Services

After completing our designs and Construction Documents, our firm provides permitting services where necessary to deliver ready to issue permits for construction to our clients.

Icon_3 Construction Consultation Services

During construction, TbD provides consultation services to ensure the construction of our designs is done accurately and in accordance with the best applicable construction practices.