About Us

Tilted by Design is a small design firm located in Pasadena, California and provides design services for the greater Los Angeles Area. We pride ourselves on designing highly thoughtful spaces, customized to each of our projects. From simple remodels to ground-up buildings, our firm works closesly with our clients to produce purposeful designs for residences, retail spaces, warehouses, and everything in between. The abundance of beautiful architecture in Los Angeles inspires us to pay tribute to our rich architectural past while we design homes that represent our present and our future.

The partners of TbD are all graduates from the Masters of Architecture I program of the world-renowned Southern California Institute of Architecture in Downtown Los Angeles (commonly known as SCI-Arc). With an education heavily focused on cutting-edge designs, the partners at TbD aim to push conventional building designs towards the intersection of the discipline and the practice, where our imaginations can meet the physical world. We work together with outside consultants to find creative solutions that allow for the spaces we design to best fulfill our innate desires for beauty and comfort.

Services Tilted by Design Provides:

  • Consultation and Zoning Reviews
    Our clients often come to us with the simple desire to fully understand the build-out potential for their property. Given the ever-changing nature of what is legally allowed, it comes as no surprise that codes and ordinances can be overwhelming for an individual who simply wants to add a bit of square footage to their home or add an ADU to their lot. We simplify the process for our clients by creating a cohesive report inclusive of massing studies with information verified by governing agencies, that clearly outline the options for each lot or property in question. Often times, this includes an inquiry into the historical qualifications of properties as well, as many buildings in Southern California are of historical significance, often without an owner realizing it. We provide this service as part of a larger scope of work, or on an individual contract basis, so you can know your options before committing to a larger design and construction project.
  • Design & Visualization

    Each of our designs carefully considers a variety of factors in order to ensure that our client's needs and desires for their spaces are met. From practical layouts to carefully chosen finishings, we take great pride in providing the most thoughtful designs possible for each project. During the design phase of each project, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they fully understand the design and have the opportunity to request changes before the final set of drawings is submitted for permitting to city officials.

    Beyond the typical drawings that a project may require, we also provide visualization services that can be incorporated into a project's scope of work or be provided seperately. We pride ourselves on producing life-like visual references such as renders of a given view or even video animations of fly-throughs. For our largest scale of projects, our firm can provide model files for an interactive VR walkthrough experience, which game developers could utilized to output VR experiences for interactive presentations. Each of these forms of visualization can be exteremly helpful for our clients who either better wish to understand what the final result will look like or who would like to be able to present the project to other parties involved.

  • Construction Documents & Permitting
    Once the design of a project and corresponding construction documents have been drafted, we act as agents to our clients by representing their project to the corresponding governing city department. This part of the process can be tedious and time consuming for individuals seeking their own permits, and confusing for those unfamiliar with building codes and zoning regulations. At Tilted by Design, we have experience in working with city engineers at a range of permit offices around Southern California, and pride ourselves on being able to turn around permits in a timely fashion. The result for our clietns is a stress-free permit process delivered 'ready to issue' for construction.